About Us

Ideas that are fresh, authentic and inspiring for the people. That’s the aim of CANdYMAG, a magazine that set sailing around the world in 2019. Needless to say, we live in a world where we want to stay one step ahead of the curve with latest updates on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, culture, entertainment and business. CANdYMAG promises to deliver it all with honesty and dedication.

CANdYMAG believes in a distinctive philosophy based on Aesthetics and Dynamism. We examine the rich and creative partnership between various socio – cultural domains and bring latest updates, says the creative duo Farrah kader & Denzil Christian who are the founding pillars of the Magazine. In a nutshell, CANdYMAG is a bold voice in the contemporary times. The vibrancy unifies into a whole by the collaborative effort of the team.

The Magazine belief in rising above the horizon by not just emphasizing paper and printing but concepts that are inspiring and igniting the creative spirits. With it’s adaptability, CANdYMAG continues to bring the best possible content in an inclusive form. From runways gossip to trend-setting fashion, the hardworking team ensures it all. CANdYMAG evolved over the time to bring about a movement. With every edition, the readers are delighted & surprised with edgier content and amazing designs. For when love is sewn into the very fabric of the Magazine, it’s bound to leave impression on people.