Eid Mubarak! Eid Mubarak!

by Tanishaa Saxena

Eid epitomizes the religious, social and cultural aspirations of people. Right from choosing attires, to what delicacies need to be cooked for the day becomes a matter of the moment. Festivals offer a chance to dazzle up in beautiful and ethnic outfits. So what we have nowhere to go these days, doesn’t mean we would miss any chance of showing off that neckpiece bought online. The pandemic has definitely upended our lives but not the enthusiasm.

Candymag brings to you ways in which you can make this festival interesting at home. From dressing up in that shimmering sharara to playing fun games, we have stolen some amazing ways for you people.

1) DIY your Eid decor

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating your humble abode yourself. How can your family notice it is a special day? Through bright and colorful decorations in the house. Nowadays Eid-themed decorations are available everywhere, however, if you do not want to spend money you can be creative instead. Make banners and flags yourself by cutting colorful paper in the form you want and draw ‘Happy Eid!’ or ‘Eid Mubarak’ on it.

2) Eid special drink

Place a few tablespoons of milk in a small bowl and add the saffron threads. Gently stir with a wooden spoon and set aside. The saffron will infuse the milk and turn it into a golden color.

Pour the remaining milk into a pitcher and stir in sugar until dissolved. Add two drops of rosewater (too much rosewater makes the drink bitter). Lastly, add the saffron-infused milk into the pitcher and stir.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. Garnish with chopped pistachios before serving.

3) Music

From rock to pop, create a playlist on your phone or laptop with your favorite tunes and get the party started.

You could write a small program detailing what will be playing on the hour every hour.

4) E greetings and video chat

Send personalized notes, or be present and talk to your friends and family over the video call. It is bound to be truly special. Dress up in your favorite attire and get ready for the virtual meet!

5) Cook delicious food with your loved ones

Food brings people closer and tightens up the bond. So, preheat up the pan and make the best of the best food items. Don’t forget to note the recipes from us.

6) Candy buffet

Transform a table into a candy table. Place a nice tablecloth and fill glass jars and plates with an assortment of brightly colored candy and sweets. Order online! This one is not just for the kids, the whole family can enjoy it. There is no limit to eating candy on Eid ;). A candy buffet brightens the room and makes eating candy more special. A great alternative is a fruit buffet, dessert buffet, cookie buffet, or a mix of all.

7) Games to brighten your day

Games are a way to laugh, explore, and think about your faith and your culture. Create a list of items or ideas that are hidden, give clues, and send people off to track them down! The items can be things as challenging as a specific Hadith or as easy as a particular flavor of halva.