Erica Fernandes

“It’s all about seizing the moment!”

Words by P R Gayathri
Photographed by Denzil Christian

With various fan clubs dedicated to her and about three million followers on Instagram, Erica Fernandes is not a new name in the television industry. Her chirpy personality, versatile roles played onscreen and out of the box sartorial choices, have won her all eyes and hearts. 

Currently in the spotlight with groundbreaking photoshoots driving the netizens crazy in love, 

Erica has become one of the most celebrated stars. Having bagged several titles including in Times of India’s Most Desirable Women On Television 2019, Erica is up for everything upwards and onwards with her career, trusting herself and her talent to sail the boat of life in the right direction. And we must say, she is winning it!

If you too are in love with the actress’s indomitable performance, obsessed with her time to time beauty tips from her youtube channel or all the fun and funky pictures of Champ(her pet dog) that she shares on Instagram; let me tell you there are more reasons to fall for her than just that. Be it beauty, fashion, performance; Erica is an absolute stunner! In this month of love, the gorgeous diva opens up with us her idea of love, her secret of beauty, and her world of happiness.

Tell us your journey in weaving the success story from big screens to every household’s TV screens.

The journey has been fun. Through each role that I have played, there were things to learn and unlearn and I am grateful for everything that came my way. I started my journey in the modeling industry. They say when your intentions are right and you’re ready to put all your efforts into what you want you will get that! That’s how my door to acting opened in the south Indian film industry. Having done a few films there I really wanted to explore the television industry so when an exciting opportunity knocked on my door, I am glad I didn’t turn it down. I love my work and I love how people are enjoying it as well, the pure satisfaction of being able to do what you love is a blessing in itself. It was 2013 when I made my debut in Hindi telly town as Dr. Sonakshi Bose Dixit in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. The show really played a turning point in my life, it turned out to be a great success and the experience of working with amazing co-stars made it wonderful in all ways. Playing Prerna Sharma Basu in Kasautii Zindagii Kay was also an equally exciting role that was much loved by the audience and I believe if you are ready to put forth your best then weaving a success story is what all of us can ace.

Having played various roles in the South-Indian film industry as well, how was the experience different from Tv?

All experiences are equally special and valuable to me. Everything has its own share of making me who I am today.  But to me it’s not about the big screen or TV screen, it’s about acting. I am passionate about this talent of mine and I am grateful for the various opportunities that came my way which aided me to explore, learn and mold myself. The south Indian film industry was my initial door to acting but I must admit it was pretty difficult to manage the language. I entered the telly world purely with an interest to explore and I really love it here. The whole idea that you don’t have to wait for a year or so to see your performance on screen excites me.

Which character of yours made you fall in love with yourself more?

Outfit: Rudraksh Dwivedi Jewellery: Deepa Gurnani, JustPeachy, Izaara Heels: Nidhi Bhandari

Every role I have played is my favorite. I can’t pick one to say that it affected me personally. As an actress when I am given a role, I put my feet on her shoes and live as that character.

There is, of course, an essence of Erica in every role and the character to be played in its full form. So, to pick a role that made me fall in love with myself is not quite right as for me every role is unique, making me love the role and play it genuinely feeling the character. Cause only when I personally connect with the character, only when I fall in love with that character, I can expect the audience to do the same. I am grateful that it has worked well so far.

You have an amazing and insightful you-tube channel. How do you manage time to keep your career and channel running smoothly?

Well, that’s something I enjoy doing. I do have a planner made to make sure that I post up the topics and be active in the platform but editing can get on my nerves sometimes. As an artist, I am very keen on doing everything by myself from the scratch. For each of my YouTube videos be it the script, lighting, and editing, I take full charge of it. Sometimes it gets hectic and things don’t go as planned but every time I get to see positive feedback, that my little effort has helped someone brings me a lot of happiness.

What is your everyday skin and hair care routine like?

Starting with basic cleansing, moisturizing, and applying for SPF protection; my skincare regime is just as simple as that. Though owing to my job, I have to wear make-up all the time but at home, I prefer to give my face its much-needed rest. The best advice I would like to give is to drink a lot of water. Good food intake in itself can work wonders on skin and hair. I opt for an exfoliation mask when I get the time and a hair mask with natural home remedies for my hair. I also love to massage my hair with coconut oil at least twice a week for its natural shine.

Do you adore homemade products in your beauty routine? Tell us a secret ingredient that you think is a life savior.

I absolutely adore homemade products. I think they are the best, also easily available and become a go-to aid with zero side effects. My YouTube channel features homemade DIY beauty tricks and one secret ingredient to say would be, well, not really a secret but I have an aloe vera plant in my home and this magic cactus’ gel has got the solution to almost all problems.

I use it for my hair and sometimes in my skincare routine too. 

Though beauty is beyond what you see, it plays a crucial role in creating the first impression. What is your take on it?

I would define beauty as an extension of your inner persona. It is about your personality, your style, the way you carry yourself. That attitude of ‘You’ in you is what makes one beautiful. And as the age-old saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; it just differs from each one’s perspective. 

Coming to the point of creating the first impression, I don’t agree that it’s all about beauty. It’s not about the layers of foundation or color of your lip shade. It’s not about the length of your hair nor the texture of your skin. I think the first impression is all about an aura that each person carries with them. That very particular uniqueness is what plays a role in creating an impression and that very charm is what I would like to call beauty.

What are your thoughts on rising homegrown beauty brands and the importance of being vocal for locals in these challenging times?

It’s the need of the hour. I think we are run

Outfit: Rudraksh Dwivedi, The Coveted Jewellery: Inaraa Jewels, The House of Diamonds, Izaara Heels: Augustha

ning late on this, being vocal for local is something we should have followed from way back. It’s not a hot trend to hop on to, it’s much like a choice of living, encouraging and uplifting homegrown brands. Apart from the fact that these labels add up to our country’s revenue, I think Indian brands curate some of the finest products, not just beauty brands but everything. India is an exotic land of resources. It’s unfortunate to see natural products abroad with Made in India labels on them whereas here we are ignorant about our own land’s wealth. I vouch for being vocal for local and especially in times like this we the people should step up and support homegrown labels.

It’s the season of love, what’s scheduled in your pipeline for valentine’s day?

Nothing much in particular actually. A simple dinner date and possibly spending some quality time in each other’s presence. 

According to you, what is true love? Having done incredible roles of romance on screen, how different is your perspective on an ideal partner in real life?

The idea of love is overrated in movies. Sometimes it’s way too dramatic and unrealistic, but that’s just how the script and industry works. In reality, true love is bliss but to make it work it has its own set of ups and downs. Patience and good communication are the keys to building a good relationship and with it comes other things that you have to think about to lead your life forward. It’s not going to be a bed of roses and it never will be, but with the right person, the journey is worth it all!

What would you say is the perfect way to propose? Do you think it’s high time women should step -up to express their love first?

There is no one ideal way to propose. It’s when the hearts feel it and the eyes see it in the most unspoken way. In my relationship, after being introduced to each other it was me who took the first step of messaging. I think women shouldn’t shy away from expressing their likes and dislikes. Empowerment starts within you. You got to use your voice in making your whims and fantasies a reality! In the context of love, if you are sure you are in love with him, then why wait? Why hesitate away from making the first move? Just wear your crown and walk the talk. We women have got a lot to achieve and winning a man’s heart is not any less of an art.

What have you planned for the future with your career, love, and the you-tube beauty channel?

The pandemic has opened my eyes to the fact that life doesn’t go as planned. I don’t have any plans as of now, I am just relying on the flow of life. It’s exciting that way, with new surprises and facing new challenges posed by life maturely and more responsibly. Be it life, love, or anything for that matter, trust in the process, believe in the journey, and just make the most out of this moment. Cause all we have is this very moment! Seize it and enjoy. Worrying and stressing over plans and scheduled work, drafting proper propaganda may seem fit but the quarantine has taught us how everything can come to a halt. And when we live life like there is no tomorrow that’s when the magic of ‘now’ plays a pivotal role. So, go grab the day and make it yours.

With those wise words, she made us think how little our worries and laments are and negligible the thoughts of past and future are, because life is all about right now! It’s about seizing this very precious moment. We ended our conversation with Erica realizing that passion, perseverance, love is all that makes life worth the while!

Outfit: Zabella Jewellery: Kiri Kiri, Deepa Gurnani, Bellofox Heels: Nidhi Bhandari Clutch: Oceana Clutches

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