Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To Clean Your Makeup And Beauty Products

- By P R Gayathri
Represntative Image: Pexels

We surely require ample time and all the patience in the world to enhance our face & pamper ourselves to look and feel good.  Makeup is an art and beautifying oneself is never a sin! When you put in passion and money ( that could literally burn a hole in your pocket! ) to choose the best product that suits your skin, it’s a heartbreak to see them go to waste contaminated with germs just because you didn’t give them the love and care that they deserve.


Unhygienic and lethargic use of products plays as a breeding ground for the bacteria, affecting the integrity of ingredients in your makeup. If you are one of those who chant   ‘I will share with you all my secrets, but not my beauty products’, you are already doing it right. But sometimes saying no to friends who want to try out your new lipstick shade or use your eyeliners is never easy, NEVER! At times like this, when you wish you could just swirl the cloak of invisibility and go undercover but you find yourself nodding your head and even help them ace the perfect wing, just remind yourself it takes only a few minutes to clean your products.

Represntative Image: Pexels

So if you’re here with a brush that’s sharp as a knife clogged with the makeup residues or with a beautyblender that twins your glammed up face, we are here to help you out!

Makeup brushes

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The soft brushes,  be it flat, round, thin, made of synthetic or animal hair, houses the makeup residues, oil, and other dirt accumulated. This makes the bristles hard and flaky and the hairs start to fall out, reducing its quality. So if you don’t want your brushes to go bald follow these steps after every use.


  • Wash the brushes in lukewarm running water
  • Use any shampoo or any other cleanser of your choice to dislodge the makeup or dirt that has caked onto the bristles over time.
  • Rinse well until the bristle gains its original color.
  • Gently clean them up with a cotton towel to absorb the extra moisture.
  • Do not place your brushes upright right away, as the water gets into the ferrule forming molds later.
  • Dry it well in sunlight.


This way you get to use a new brush every time making your application smooth and easy.

Beauty Sponge

Sponges are the key element in any makeup kit. This blending tool tends to absorb old makeup, dirt, and facial oil. It’s ideal to keep it covered as it tends to absorb the pollutants in the atmosphere as well. Squeeze them in water and keep repeating the process with any daily use cleanser until it regains its color. Dry them out and watch the resurrection of your beauty sponge. Since they are quick to engulf dead skin cells that speed up the bacteria growth, make sure to gift yourself a new sponge once every 3-4 months.

Powders and Palettes

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First of all, it’s okay, you can and you have to throw them away after the expiry date. Using them till the microscopic fungus becomes visible to your eyes is not a heroic act! Spray rubbing alcohol from a minimum distance to keep them safe from bacterial growth. Using wet wipes or cotton towels specially dedicated for this, clean the box wiping the excess powder or dirt sticking onto it.

Lipstick, Eyeliner, and Mascara

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Refrain from using others and carry them with you as these three combos can make anyone look like a greek goddess. You can sanitize your lipstick with Isopropyl alcohol and wipe them clean. Always close the top tight after each use. For the eyeliner, mascara, and eyelash curler wipe off the residue with cotton or wet wipes. Though you might find a lot of them recommend the use of traces of alcohol to clean, it’s better to say no thanks. These tools are to be used in the delicate eye region so if the process is not done properly, could cause eye irritation and readiness.

Key Takeaways:-

Represntative Image: Pexels
  • Limit your temptation and never use your fingers directly on the bottles/products.
  • Change your beauty sponge once in three months (if you are someone who applies makeup regularly.)
  • Have separate brushes for each of your products and clean after use.
  • As the saying goes, ‘Anything too much is too bad, sterilize once in a week and don’t overdo it.
  • Close your products tight after every use and place them in the advised temperature.
  • Check the expiry date of your product and never use them after. Say it with me, NEVER!
  • It’s important to clean the nozzles and outer box of your lotions and creams.