By: Manisha Koushik
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(March 21st- April 19th)

Card of the Month: The Chariot

You are likely to get pleasure out of somebody’s suffering, even though you remain most sympathetic. Developments in the domestic sphere are likely to give you immense satisfaction. Someone you adore in your social circle is likely to pay you a visit. You will find ways to earn an extra buck and consolidate your financial front. If good health seems a problem, you will soon experience miraculous improvement.

Lucky No.: 1

Lucky Colour: Maroon


(April 20th -May 20th)

Card of the Month: The Magician

Take the necessary steps to keep important matters in order. You take your own decisions but are reluctant to listen to the advice and suggestions of others. This may prove counterproductive in the long run, so give it a thought. Financial restructuring is the need of the hour for those expanding businesses. Someone contributing towards your profession may ask for enhanced compensation. You plan some changes on the domestic front but may find yourself hard-pressed for time.

Lucky No.: 3

Lucky Colour: Cream


(May 21st- June 20th)

Card of the Month: Three of Coins

You will get the support of those around you in finding a solution to a family problem. Spiritual pursuits are likely to give you immense mental peace and tranquility. Financially, your efforts to save money will pay rich dividends. Your go-getting nature will keep you on the right side of those who matter. Someone will be willing to extend all the help required on the academic front. Your friendly nature is likely to expand your friend circle.

Lucky No.: 8

Lucky Colour: Lavender


(June 21st-July 22nd)

Card of the Month: Two of Swords

It will be important to toe someone’s line at home if you want the perks to continue. Something good is likely to come out of an initiative taken by you on the professional front. You are likely to get all the support of well-wishers for succeeding on the academic front. Wealth and fame are likely for those seeking it. A project started by you is likely to become financially viable.

Lucky No.: 18

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown


(July 22nd- August 22nd)

Card of the Month: Devil

You will feel satisfied by the way things are moving on the professional front. Some changes implemented on the academic front will start giving positive results. An opportunity to gain financially will be seized. You will be in a position to spend more on things that you felt reluctant to previously. Self-promotion will be the key to gain popularity on the social front. Focus on health will keep you fit.

Lucky No.: 4

Lucky Colour: Purple


(Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd)

Card of the Month: The Star

Your efforts on the academic front will succeed. At work, you will remain on the right side of people who matter. Something tasked to you at work will be completed quickly and efficiently. Social ties are likely to get strengthened as you take the initiative to keep in touch with everyone. Much pleasure is in store for those newly in love. Young couples may plan an outing just to take a break from the routine.

Lucky No.: 17

Lucky Colour: Electric Grey


(Sept 23-Oct 22nd)

Card of the Month: The Hanged Man

You may not get an opportunity again, so seize it now. Professionally it will be a satisfying month. Those in authority are likely to take your advice on something important. Family may expect you to take them to meet someone close. Romantic life will need to be kept on the backburner this month due to your busy schedule. Keep adequate buffer time for reaching your venue as chances of delay cannot be ruled out.  Health remains satisfactory.

Lucky No.: 2

Lucky Colour: Orange


(Oct 23rd -Nov 21st)

Card of the Month: Five of Wands

Something new started by you will start giving positive results. Proficiency in your line of work will become your cutting edge on the professional front. Those suffering from a lifestyle disease will find their condition improving. Love at first sight situation may develop, so keep your fingers crossed! Those in a touring job will do well to keep the family informed about their whereabouts. Care needs to be exercised by those on a long drive.

Lucky No.: 9

Lucky Colour: Saffron


(Nov 22nd-Dec 21st)

Card of the Month: Justice

Keep your options open at work to have a wider choice. You are likely to get in the mood for organizing a party at home. Friends and relations are likely to make your place exciting. Financially, you do well by turning your focus on enhancing earnings. A change of routine may prove beneficial to your health and well-being. Lover’s demeanor will clear all apprehensions from your mind about your relationship. Something may be bought to beautify the house.

Lucky No.: 15

Lucky Colour: Crimson


(Dec 22nd-Jan 19th)

Card of the Month: Knight of Cups

You may get swayed under someone’s negative influence and spoil relations. There may be too much work on your platter for you to think of anything else. Only by taking someone’s help will you be able to finish what you had started. The performance of a family youngster may be mediocre, but don’t make it an issue to berate him or her. You may become penny wise and pound foolish, and waste money on unimportant things.

Lucky No.: 5

Lucky Colour: Turquoise


(Jan 20th-Feb 18th)

Card of the Month: Strength

You will be able to establish yourself on the professional front. A competition or exam may find you come out with flying colors. Someone will be more than accommodating on the social front. The eligible can expect positive developments on the matrimonial front. Luck will remain with you on the financial front, as you get some great bargains. Health-wise, you will remain at the peak. A trip to someplace exciting is on the cards.

Lucky No.: 11

Lucky Colour: Orange


(Feb 19th-Mar 20th)

Card of the Month: The World

Touch only the essentials at work, if you want to complete your work within office hours. You are likely to grow financially stronger as newer avenues to make money come your way. A loan is likely to be repaid in full by some. The lover is not likely to be disappointed by your romantic fervor! Those seeking love will not come back empty-handed. You will manage to keep your spouse in good humor by doing his or her bidding!

Lucky No.: 6

Lucky Colour: Parrot Green