How wrong innerwear choices can wreak havoc on your day..!!!

Illustration by: Payal Sharma | ig: @payalsharma

By Yogesh Kabra, Founder, XYXX

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How often do you seriously pay attention when you buy new inner wear?


It has been a while now that men have been making some common glaring underwear mistakes  and the time to put a stop to it is due! Picking underwear isn’t rocket science: You find a pair you like, you spend a few extra bucks and use it for a couple of years. Nope wrong! It is time to burst that crazy bubble!


How many of you spend more than 10 minutes when it comes to buying underwear? While most men don’t bother spending a lot of time in this section of the aisle, what you may not know is that you may be making some of the most common underwear mistakes. Some of these mistakes by men just cannot be overlooked and it is more than just based on appearance!


You might find it interesting to know where you’re going wrong before buying and after owning the underwear.Take a look and get inspired.


Let us take a brief (get it?) look at the worst undergarment mistakes every man should avoid!


#1: Tight Tight, not right!

While a preview of the package is what everyone desires, this does not apply to your underwear choices! Not only is extra tight underwear usually unflattering but it can also cause chafing of the skin and irritation.

Any underwear that’s tight enough to rub your skin can result in itching and irritation. Tight underwear can impact your fertility, increase scrotal temperature and also lead to other health impacts like UTI!


#2:I can feel you on me!

Many forget to pick the right fabric or focus on support, comfort and air circulation while buying their underwear.  However, when it comes to comfort, experts say that your personal preference can dictate the fabric—as long as you make sure your crotch is lined with cotton. Materials like cotton or softer materials like Tencel modal can give you room to breathe. Microfibre waistbands help prevent rashes and provide good grip on your waist. Materials with moisture-wicking technology help you stay dry and comfortable.


#3: Stay away from the sweats !


Experts say that an average pair of dirty underwear contains one gram of bodily waste. Unbelievable? If you’re among those who sweat a lot you should know that changing your underwear once a day probably isn’t going to do the trick. It can often lead to a serious infection. And anyone who works out should put on a clean pair of undies, as soon as they’re able to, as a warm, moist environment is the perfect situation for infection to build.

#4: It’s your underwear, not a cactus!

Ever been in a situation where you experience itching in an uncomfortable place? Even if you don’t consider yourself to have sensitive skin, your pubic area might say otherwise. Your laundry detergent is one of the leading ways to contact dermatitis. It doesn’t matter how flowery the packaging of the brand is, always use a detergent that suits the material/ fabric your undergarments are made of.

 #5: Don’t stay boxed inside the boxers!

Boxers are said to be the best alternative if you are logging off for the day, or if you’re wearing them under baggy jeans. But, if you’re attending a formal event and people can see your boxer pleat through your pants, say goodbye to your formal outfit charm! As comfortable as they may be, boxers don’t provide the necessary support you need during your everyday hustle or sports activities and should be avoided in such situations.

#6: Innerwear is Inner care!

One needs good support activewear for high-intensity activities that provide extensive movement. You must always make sure you have a guard for your contact sports, before heading to the gym, or going for your daily jog. There are different options like boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks and jockstrap in the market. Jockstrap provides full support for contact sports.

Get smart and avoid the mayhem that goes around the next time you’re looking for the perfect innerwear, Don’t shy away from referring to these tips that can help ease the process. While we willingly spend hours trying to find the perfect pair of clothes, the justice we do when it comes to selecting clothing that is intimate to our skin is negligible. It is time to get past these blunders and remember, what’s on the inside also counts!