SHRUTI HAASAN – The True Born Artist

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And behold our cover story this month, yes, Candy teamed up with Shruti Haasan for our iconic January edition of 2021. In a brief rendezvous with the very beautiful and multi-talented actress, we learned about her many forms of artistic expression, and need we shamefully add, felt a tad bit insecure about our lives! But enough about us, get ready to read about awesomeness incarnate, Ms. Shruti Haasan!!!

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A Word on Krack

Krack is a Telugu film all set for release on 9th January. 

“Very excited about my first release after the pandemic! It is a mass family entertainer. We started to shoot a while back and hoped for an earlier release but were very excited that we finally get to share it with the world,” said the gorgeous starlet. 

As for the experience of working with Ravi Teja, Shruti recalled working with him in Balupu (2013). “He has a lot of positive energy and is very encouraging as a person! Always fun to work with!”

On the experience of Working in Different Industries

While actors struggle to make their mark in the single film industry, this diva has chalked a name for herself in Telugu, Tamil, and Bollywood films. What made the daredevil actress take on not one, not two but three powerful industries?

Shruti says shuttling back and forth between industries was an organic one, as she followed the characters she was portraying. 

As for selecting roles, Shruti didn’t shy away from admitting that earlier in her career, “what made me choose a role were the boxes you needed to tick!” While she added that she doesn’t regret taking on any of those roles, “I started feeling like I was a part of a machine and stopped having much fun, so I took a break from acting!” 

The time away from this craft allowed her to dig deeper into the kind of narratives she wishes to be a part of and now, “I choose to take on stories of women that I like, who inspire me in some way!” she added. 

Does that make you a feminist?

Feminism is a term she steered clear from as it is too frequently and loosely used. “I believe in the cause of women uplifting themselves and other women! We live in a time of loudness that doesn’t align with women like me. I now want to choose characters and narratives where women take charge in some sort of way, even when the same is small. If that makes me a feminist…”

Shruti and Her Music

Shruti Haasan is no stranger to music. She started singing when she was just five years old and learned Indian classical at 14. Since then, she has played with bands the world over and even attended music school. The talented starlet has composed music for film and released her debut single Edge during the pandemic. 

As for touring, Shruti misses the rush of live audiences. She was part of NH7 a virtual concert last month, delivering a good old-school rock performance. “I can’t wait to return to live audiences and the rush of interacting with them and vibing off their energy,” she sighed. 

Why Release Edge Now?

“Why not?” she asked, albeit fiercely. On a serious note, Shruti recalls how she was all over the place before the pandemic, shuttling acting and touring live gigs in London, be it small pubs or iconic venues. While she deemed her life a “beautiful paradox,” Shruti feels the pandemic forced her to dwell deeper into her artistry and go inward into her music. “Edge represents this feeling of solitude and is an honest conversation with myself.” 

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As for Her Personal Evolution During this Time

“Before the pandemic, we were caught in a rut but the virus took us off the treadmill of life!” remarked Shruti. “The pandemic has taught me a lot of lessons about myself, my heart, and my soul, uncomfortable lessons but beautiful discomforts in themselves!”

“The pandemic has served as a great equalizer and for me, it has instilled a realization of humility, stemming from the fragility and vulnerability of life,” Shruti added that she has always been someone who took to introspection and this time allowed her to further inward discussions with herself. 

One of her biggest learnings during this time was recognizing the effort people put in avoiding pattern breaking. “The time allowed me to recognize some patterns and break them, and for this, I’m very grateful.” She added how we must “find our feet and rise above the collective cloud of loss that hangs above all of us. This is where artistry will come to the front,” and yes, she’s willing to put in the work to master the many facets of her own artistry, regardless of the discomfort it lends. 

On a lighter note, she added that the pandemic, having freed her friends off the rut too allowed her to get closer to them and even make some new friends, all thanks to technology. 

Shruti Haasan – A Gamer?

Just when you think she can’t surprise us anymore!

Well, folks, Shruti is a self-proclaimed and proud ‘geek,’ raised on the likes of Mortal Kombat. She even recalls playing a game for over 11 hours at a stretch. “I had an Xbox and a PlayStation, one at home and one in my vanity for when I had to wait during takes.” 

While she quit extensive gaming during the shoot as it wasn’t healthy for her acting, she misses “playing like a maniac” and added that in her mind, “I’m a video game character like a witch with martial arts skills or something.”

And if you thought she’s just an avid gaming fan, think again. The actress is fascinated by the technological developments in the field and is even open to the idea of exploring the same at an entrepreneurial level. Talk about a force to be reckoned with!

A Word on the Different Arts Inspiring Growth in One Another

“Music and gaming have always been synonymous with each other, with some of the most iconic games backed by iconic music. As for acting and music, my duty to telling stories and creating believable characters has enriched my music, and even made me privy to versions of Shruti I didn’t know existed within me.” 

Shruti, however, does not believe in excessive strategizing, wanting to enjoy the thrill of discovery along with these varied art forms. “My journey has been an organic one, like a forest that grew itself rather than a well-manicured lawn!” While she took to acting early on and her roots did help, her survival and success as an actor took a lot of her personal determination and competitiveness. Shruti recalled how her athletic roots helped her fight to understand the medium through her own eyes, regardless of her background. “While music came to me naturally, acting was a love story that was complicated.” 

As for her plans with her many artistic loves, “I wish to continue organically exploring myself true to my craft and true to myself! I’ll keep striving to get better and better in all I do!” 

Hopes for Your Personal Life

As for personal evolution and self-love, Shruti chuckled that she’s in a good place, “too good a place to be honest. I’ve battled low self-esteem and phases of discarding my vulnerability as a weakness and take time to turn inwards and find a way to fall in love with myself. At present, I’m fully accepting of myself and comfortable in my own skin – it’s truly a good place to be!” 

As for a partner, our cheeky selves had to ask, of course, Shruti remarked that “I believe in good partnerships, they bring good juju and energy into your life. If not, I don’t want them!” Well, here’s hoping a good partnership finds its way to Shruti soon, the kind we’re all waiting for of course!

Well, that’s all for now folks!