Stylist Turned Bride

Hemlataa Pariwal

Words By Lehan Devadhia
Photographed by

Every girl starts planning her wedding young, from outfits to guest lists – EVERYTHING. Well, now every bride either turns to a Classic Red Sabya lehenga or an Anamika Khanna creation but what’s it like when a stylist has to figure out her wedding outfit? Someone whose job is to ensure actors have the perfect outfit for shoots, promotions, etc surely must have the perfect wedding outfit story. We at CANdY spoke to Hemlataa Pariwal, a Fashion Stylist from Mumbai who’s worked on movies, editorial covers as well as celebrity styling. While putting a wedding together could take up months or even over a year for a few Hemlataa pulled everything together in 5 days!

Pinterest has clearly given us a fair idea on how mood boards work but wedding mood boards are an integral part of the process. While creating individual mood boards for every event, Hemlataa took it a step forward and created one for each outfit. “ I had selected my colour-scheme and style for every event – Yellow for Haldi, the bright colour was a perfect fit for

the morning event. Sangeet had to be something soft/fresh with beaded embellishments and for the big day, I went ahead with the authentic wedding outfit colour – Red, a symbol of purity. ”

Wedding outfits can cause quite the hole in your pocket – while each and everyone has different expectations from their wedding outfit, Hemlataa disagrees on overpriced outfits. A lot of people have different ideas in mind when talking about their wedding outfit, most of the brides want to look grand on their big day but for Hemlataa it’s a little different – “ It’s because I’ve seen so much when it comes to bridal shopping thanks to work I am not as keen as I should be. I won’t deny the fact that this is a once in a lifetime moment, so choosing the right outfit, makeup and ensuring you have the perfect jewellery is important. But at the same time, it’s crucial to spend wisely cause there’s a lot more than just an outfit at a wedding ”.

CANdYMAG – A current bridal trend that everyone has hopped on?

Hemlataa – Even though there’s a large following for the Classic Red Lehenga, i’ve recently witnessed brides-to-be exploring different shades when it comes to their wedding lehenga. While I stuck to the authentic Red, the colour trend is sure something brides out there should try.

CANdYMAG – What are the top three things brides should keep in mind while finding their wedding dress?

Hemlataa – First and foremost you need to zero down on the colours of your outfit as that’s the standard base for any look – something you like may not work for you or photograph well. Second of all, brides today need to understand that wedding outfits are usually heavy due to all the embroidery so you need to ensure you’ll be comfortable handling a heavy outfit. Not everything that’s pretty from the outside will make you feel beautiful on the inside – a dress that you’re not comfortable in will affect your confidence when you’re wearing it and that’s something you can’t afford to lose on your big day. The third point might not seem important to many but hiring a stylist makes things so much easier – I have personally learnt that a stylist will ensure

you look enchanting on your big day.

CANdYMAG – Do you plan on re-wearing your wedding outfits?

Hemlataa – Of Course! I will not let my outfits go waste. I suggest brides should always keep in mind how they will re-wear their outfits while buying them. I plan on switching up the blouses a little while re-wearing my outfits so it doesn’t look too repetitive or you can always turn to different styles of draping.