To Love or Not to Love…!

by Darshita Dagia

Love is a tricky word, but at the same time the most used and most abused word. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while all the couples are diving into the ocean of love, almost all the singles dread this month of love. These days Love has become rare and people are losing their faith in it. So, we asked few of the most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes from the Entertainment Industry if they still

‘Believe in Love’

, and if they do

‘Why are they Single’

. Read on…

Vineet Raina

Yes, I do and will always believe in love and I think everybody should believe in love. No matter what experiences they earlier had in their lives or even if they haven’t found love yet, one should never lose belief in love. I am single because it’s better to be single rather than to be with a wrong person; by the wrong person, I mean someone with whom you aren’t compatible, with whom your wavelength doesn’t match. I think understanding, compatibility and being on the same wavelength, same track, if not 100% but at least 80-85% is a must in a relationship. I was away from dating because I have been working and I thought I won’t be able to give much time to my partner. But I believe I will meet my right person soon.

Anuj Sachdeva

Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat, I believe in the BIG love, love that turns your world upside down. I believe that love is very essential for our being and falling in love is the most beautiful thing ever. However, what I believe more is that love must always be accompanied with respect, compassion and empathy. I am Single because perhaps Universe is still searching the right one for me. I don’t believe in human beings perfect. We are all imperfect, crazy, tedhe medhe with lots of flaws. But I do believe that there is someone in this world who is perfect for you and that’s the one I am waiting for.

Kuwaarjeet Chopraa

Love is the essence of everything that is and will be. Yes, I do believe in love, the feeling of falling in love is the most wonderful one which is incomparable and the person feels invincible. Yes, I said it right, falling in love because you always fall in love, you don’t rise in love. Love is pure, it isn’t given and take, it’s only giving love that is empathetic, compassionate, caring and selfless. I am single because I haven’t yet found someone whom I can love more than myself. Jokes apart, I am madly in love with my art as I talk, eat, sleep movies. Also, people in today’s world keep conditions in love and try to bind the other person, whereas I trust completely because if you can’t trust then you can’t fall in love with that person.

Aanchal Agrawal

Yes, I believe in love, in fact, I am a very loving and lovable persona at the same time. It is such a beautiful emotion; love can bring a lot of drive and positivity in your life. I am single because I haven’t found the one, I do not believe in compromising and settling for less. It’s not like I haven’t dated ever, but right now my priorities are different and this time I don’t want to waste my energy on half-hearted relationships.

Ribbhu Mehra

Yes, I do believe in love but I don’t believe in love at first sight; I believe that there can be an instant connection but not instant love. Love for me develops after spending a lot of time with the other person. In today’s time, I feel the meaning of love is lost somewhere, there is more selfishness, convenience, and comfort zone than love. I also wonder why am I single, but for me to be in a relationship the instant connection is important and once that’s there than knowing the person starts. Honesty and loyalty are the pillars of a relationship and these days it’s hard to find someone with the same outlook. These days being in a relationship is not a problem but sustaining it is.

Charu Mehra

Yes, I absolutely believe in love. We always crave that unconditional love that comes with understanding and compatibility because to spend the entire life with that one person, just feelings aren’t enough. But at the same time, Love is Blind so we do fall for the wrong people and realize later that our paths and visions don’t match. Breakups really don’t mean the end of the world, it is difficult no doubt but you will always fall in love again and someday with a person whom you can and who will love you unconditionally and understand you. But of course, one has to keep working on a relationship, it’s always a work in progress. I am single because I haven’t yet found the right person and currently my focus is on my career, so I am committed to my work.

Aalisha Panwar

Yes, of course, I believe in love and I am one of those girls who believe since childhood that fairy tales might exist. Well, maybe I am in my own ‘La La Land’ but it is true that one day each one of us will meet our own Prince charming. Everybody has their match and we find them somehow, it’s like a miracle, something that’s planned by our destiny. I think one person out there must be the Chosen One for me and I am still waiting for him. Until now I haven’t met my right person that’s the reason, I am still single. I really don’t believe in love at first sight because I think by just looking at a person you can’t fall in love; that is just a mere attraction. You can’t fall in love just with someone’s looks or personality; you love someone for who they are, their heart, their soul and how the person is.

Garima Jain

Yes, I do believe in love, for me, the essence of life is all about love. I believe in love at first impression but the impression has to be that good enough, the person needs to be that good enough. Love doesn’t happen depending on how the person looks physically but for me, love happens when I see a good soul. I am single because I haven’t found the right partner, my soulmate. I am a hard nut to crack because I have various layers to me and it’s difficult to understand me thus, I am looking for someone who can understand me. It’s all about finding the right partner with whom you can share everything you feel and be the way you are. I am not someone who looks for temporary love, I am quite serious when it comes to relationships.

Aparna Dixit

I believe in love, in fact, am that person who makes people believe that no matter if your heart is broken or if you had bad experiences but you should never stop believing in love. I feel that if you believe in something it will ultimately come to you. I am a hopeless romantic and I feel when you are in love everything feels right and nice. I am single because I haven’t found the right kind of person to settle down with and I am in that phase of my life right now where if I will be with someone it will be for settling down. I don’t want to invest my efforts, my feelings, my emotions in someone to try out and see where it goes. So, when I find the right person, I will no more be single until then I am enjoying my singlehood.